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India’s first healing hospital – Rakshith Hospital’s holistic healing procedures believe in Rejuvenation beyond Treatment. Rakshith Hospital roots itself in the philosophy of the circle of Life. Rakshith the Buddhist symbol of the continuity of Life, symbolizes the cycle of healing, absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance and the enormity of the universe.

Our vision and inspiration represents the Birth of the New, be it of an organism or even a new cell, dedicated to the continuity of life, just like an Rakshith, something that keeps the circle of Life in motion. Forever.
Our motto of ‘Healing with Honor’ is very much a part of the purity the Rakshith represents.




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“As I had the acute Headache, my friend referred me to the consultant. As per his diagnosis and after further evaluation, I was supposed to go for a MRI Scan but thanks to Doctor(Dr. Prabhas) I was feeling much much better.”


As I had many rashes, cracks and swelling in my heel and the pain was unbearable, I was refereed by my friend to see Dermatology Doctor(Dr. Adikrishnan) in Rakshith Hospital. The treatment and the medicine which he has prescribed was much more effective and I got almost cured with good improvement and I am convinced and started referring to my known people


“I am Vidhya from US. I had acute pimples and rashes on my face and was very much worried on how to get rid of this. When I happened to discuss about this issue with my Aunt, she referred me to Dr. Adikrishnan – Dermatology. After I met him, and followed prescriptions for the period of 15 days I could feel some changes and improvement on ma face and with further follow up’s, I was completely cured. I am very happy, many thanks to the Doctor and to my Aunt.”


“I am Madhan kumar staying in Chennai. All of a sudden my Daughter, Thanushya had a heavy seizure, and I was in a panic condition as one of my close friend refereed me to Rakshith Hospital to see the Neuro-consultant Dr. P. Muthukumar, and as per his advice my Daughter got admitted and with his prescriptions she got cured and saved her life. At present, she is doing fine. Thanks to the Doctor and to my friend.”

Madhan Kumar

“I got admitted due to acute pain in the abdomen and after the evaluation it was diagnosed as a kidney stone of minimum size. Initially they planned for surgery and after the medication given by the Doctor(Dr. Yeshwanth T R), there was no need of surgery after a week. I am very happy about the treatment given the Doctor.”


“After many complications, I was admitted in the Rakshith Hospital with the acute pain in my left leg which got fractured and I was under POP after three days of my surgery(ORIF – Open Reduction and Internal Fixation) was done. After I was called for review, my ailment has improved a lot and I am following my routine work with no complaints.”


“I was very much satisfied with the treatment given by the doctor as well as attention and importance given to me. After the surgery(Fracture tibial Plate – Internal fixation), well care was taken by Doctor(Dr. Venkata Subba Rao – Medical Director) and his team.”

Murali Krishnan

She is very to me friendly and understood my mentality.she is too kind .I lost hope from my previous treatments.but now I am much confident that I too can lead my life normally only because of her way of treatment.

Karthiga Chennai

Very good hospital. Best care and services for patients.

Rajesh Chennai

24 hours hospital. The hospital was maintained very clean and neat.

Jacob Jeevaoli Chennai

Good treatment by doctors. Hospitality is good. Care of staffs towards patient is good. Had good experience during my first pregnancy.

nanda guna Chennai

Excellent infrastructure and service

Shantha Kumar Chennai

Very happy with treatment and infrastructure with satisfied cost.

Chandran Chennai