About Rakshith Hospital
  • India’s first healing hospital.
  • Leader in quality medical services.
  • Quality healthcare as per global standards.
  • Evidence based and trusted clinical care.
  • Get care by qualified and trained staff.
  • Quick redressal of grievances.
  • EMS With Cardiac & Trauma Ambulances.
  • State of Art Digital Radiology & Imaging.
  • NABL Accreditated Laboratory.


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India’s first healing hospital – Rakshith Hospital holistic healing procedures believe in Rejuvenation beyond Treatment.

Rakshith Lifecare roots itself in the philosophy of the circle of Life. Rakshith, the Buddhist symbol of the continuity of Life, symbolizes the cycle of healing, absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, and the enormity of the universe.

Our vision and inspiration represents the Birth of the New, be it of an organism or even a new cell, dedicated to the continuity of life, just like an Rakshith, something that keeps the circle of Life in motion. Forever. Our motto of ‘Healing with Honor’ is very much a part of the purity the Rakshith represents.

Our Vision

All forms of living creation start from its smallest unit, the cell, be it in the form of the birth of an organism or a healed tissue, Birth of the New, is the evidence that the Hope to survive and live another moment is the sole purpose of being, of making our lives alive!

Our vision, Birth of the New is dedicated to this continuity of life, just like an Rakshith, something that keeps the circle of Life in motion. Forever. And we as the custodians of better health, are dedicated to create Life around us, within us, within you.

Our Motto

From our founder’s wisdom light emanates the statutes of Honor & Integrity.
And when it comes to the noble profession of a Doctor, it was his vision that made us strive to become something more than what we stand for, to become Healers.

With the same statute of Honor, our motto of ‘Healing with Honor’ stands tall and runs through each and every practice our new-age healing Institution incorporates to build a better you.

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